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of employees report experiencing at least some degree of financial stress


of workers say stress has caused them to be less productive at work (money is the no. 1 cause!)

6.9 hours

of productive work per week are lost by the average financially stressed employee


of employees say they would move to a company that made financial wellbeing a priority

Financial stress follows your employees through the door when they come to work. It impacts on people at all pay levels and all levels of seniority, as financial wellbeing is unique to each employee’s household. They each have different goals and responsibilities. They are all impacted differently by past decisions and all face varying challenges in making decisions for the future.

Financial literacy is having an understanding of money and finances and being able to apply that knowledge to make effective decisions. The more your employees understand about the options they have, the better decisions they will make.

Wealth Train provides seminars and workshops to a variety of groups including workplaces and community groups.

These seminars can be tailored to suit your needs and usually focus on the following areas:
– a person’s own values and priorities;
– budgeting, why we need to save and how to manage money;
– managing debts;
– superannuation and retirement planning;
– investment and wealth creation choices;
– where to go for advice and additional information, guidance and support;
– the importance of insurance and protecting against risk and passing on your assets to loved ones.

As Wealth Train is completely independent, these seminars are 100% focused on strategy education.

The Cambridge Human Resource Group states that

a lack of financial education for workers is the most critical unaddressed workplace issue.

Daniel has made a huge impact on our crews. The talks that he has given have been met with great positive responses and requests from our teams to have him back again. They loved his analogies and simple explanations of complex things.

Jenny Sharp (Human Resources Manager, Newcrest Mining Limited)

How Wealth Train can help you and your employees...

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Wealth Train’s mission is to help people get the best results with their money and to start making that happen as early in life as possible.

Providing financial education to your most valuable asset – your employees – makes good business sense because it:

  • Increases employee focus and engagement
  • Increases loyalty and retention of employees
  • Attracts recruits to your business
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Improves employee productivity and performance
  • Drives revenue growth
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The fact is financial worries take a serious toll on workers’ physical and mental wellbeing. There are a number of financial concepts that everyone needs to understand in order to put together their money puzzle. And if your employees understand these they can start making confident money decisions that will see them achieve great long-term results.

Wealth Train can tailor a session for your staff.

With no ties to any banks or financial product providers, Wealth Train’s simple goal is to put people on the path to financial freedom through financial advice and education.

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I am passionate about wanting to change the financial futures of as many people as I can and also believe that helping employees get financially fit makes good business sense. Therefore, I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss with you and your management team how I can help your employees and your business.

Daniel McGregor


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